Tuesday, June 26, 2007

21 June- Salut area Flooding

Me and John was on the way back from our photo trip in Mesilau. We were redirected in Giling area at Tuaran Road due to flood. So we took the other route, the one passing Rasa Ria Resort.
When we passed the big bridge of Mengkabong River, this is what infront of us.
An unexpected long traffic jammed!
It was about 0603pm that time and the traffic seems to be not moving at all, a solid jammed.
John was in a hurry to go back home because of he has to attend a dinner at 7pm invited by Malaysia Tourism in Kota Kinabalu. At that time we never expect there was a flood infront of us because of that area was quite high for a flood. I was the driver that time and I feel bad if John was late for his dinner so I decided to over take all the cars infront of us.I think I did over taking more than 30 cars but still in the end stuck again. We were stuck in the traffic jammed until the day become dark.
Then after almost 1 hour slowly driving then we start can see the place where flood happen. There are alot of cars that cannot pass through like kancil, kelisa, wira lowered just stop in the middle of the road and causes the traffic cannot move at all (Budu). We were driving a Nissan Safari with a snorkel on so no problem for our car to pass the flood so we decided to go ahead of them. When driving through the flood, there are few cars having a difficult moment when their engine stopped in the middle of the flood. I manage to get some shots of people with their umbrella who walking through the flood (Abstract Shot). Seems like people enjoy them self by just looking at other people stuck cannot move.
We manage to get through with any problem on the flood. The stalls on the side of the road I think getting a good business that time with many people who cannot pass the flood just park their car on the side of the road and go have some drinks or snack or even dinner may be in that stall since it was around dinner time already.
After we pass the flood, still not easy to get out of the place because there are more traffic jammed in front of us. It was cause by a cars that trying to over take from the other side of the road (Budu butul). There are traffic polis working that time but cannot control the situation alone so I think he decided to go away from the place. In the end we were out from that place but it is already almost 8pm so not so good for John as he cannot attend the dinner. He need to get change, take a shower, make up and so on. He sent me back home first in Likas then he go back. Haaaa.. Back home at last feel tired.( trus tidur teda mandi :p).
I hope the tour buses that trying to get through manage to get on time to the airport that time. Because I can see some "Bus Persiaran" heading Kota Kinabalu.

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