Sunday, June 3, 2007

Cheryl Tan and Family

My first guest to featured in here. I guide them during their holiday in Sabah.
Start overnight at Perkasa Hotel where in that area we visited the Kinabalu Park,
Poring Hotspring and Kundasang Market. It was heavy rain when we were in Poring
So we didn't do the canopy walkway. So they enjoying their time in the Hotspring.
Having hot bath.
We also stopped at the Kundasang Market where they bought a fruits and have some time to
have a look at the vegetable market,it is Sabah's biggest vege market actually.
The next day was driving to Kudat which took us about 3 and a half hours.
We visited Tip Of Borneo in the late afternoon which quite nice trip.
It very fine weather there
We walk along the beach while waiting for the sunset and that is where Cheryl found
a rare species of a crab where she refer as Philyra sp.
The good weather suddenly turn to storm when a black cloud start coming from the mountain

We decided to go back before the storm come so we leave Simpang Mengayau Beach after
that. I manage to get some shot before leaving.

Here are the shot.
We stayed over night in kudat and the next day we visited the Rungus Longhouse.
Gong Making village and a honey bee farm(where I got stanged) before heading for Kota Kinabalu.

I enjoy the trip, hope they enjoy it too.


Cheryl said...

Hallo Lence!

So honoured to have our trip featured on your blog. We loved the photos that you took.

We also went to have a look at your portfolio --- very impressive!

Well, we wish you all the best and we are sure you will make it big as a great photo-journalist!

With warm wishes from Singapore,
Buck, Cheryl & Caitlin

Anonymous said...

hi there! Chanced upon your blog. I need a bit more info on how to drive to kudat. is there a taxi or bus?

your blog's v informative, so i just wanted to to know more details as I'll be doing my own backpacking. =)

Email me?

I'm Elsa at

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