Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Me and John Went Mesilau for Photos

Same day where the flood happen, earlier of the day.

Car window shot, John is preparing his camera for time laps
shots where I set his camera earlier with the setting of 2 frames
shots every 20 second. He was trying to get the cloud over the
mountain which blown by a strong wind on the top of Kinabalu.
This is one of the shots I took that time while waiting
for John's camera finishing the time laps shots. Total
40 frames. He set to RAW so his memory card full
after the shot.
To be honest, I'm afraid of big spider..
only the big one. So this St. Andrew's X spider,
I used micro lens to get. I need to get really close
for this, shoot with tripod and cable release. The
spider moved every time I try to get close makes
me goes backward a bit. I remember some spider expert
I met in Danum Valley before said that all spiders
has a venom or poison but it is just enough to kill
it's prey, some spiders has a fangs that can penetrate
human skin like the Tarantula make them able to
kill human.
Lastly this is one of the shots of the Mesilau Stream.
It was drizzling that time but still, we went out for
the shots.We had to go through the slippery rock
to get our shots. Our original mission for that day
actually to get a shots of the plant in the Mountain
Garden in Kinabalu Park But due to rain earlier so
end up taking different images.

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