Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My New Handphone

I just bought a new handphone. It was a w300i Sony Ericsson walkman phone.
I've carrying it around with me whole day, never put it down. I downloaded
mp3 song into my handphone and never stop playing.

My friend said it look gurly so it for girl but I think I
like it Sound, the size, the style and how it systems

When I open the box, none of the instruction manual language in English so luckily the phone was already set in English.
I used to Nokia Phone before so its kind of a bit difficult for me to goes around the setting but it was easy to learn tho, very user friendly.
I bought it in Kota kinabalu where it cost me Rm580 for it. I think it is available for online purchase throught . You can check it out .

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