Monday, June 18, 2007

Where's George?

Last February I received a tips from one of my guest who followed the cruise ship holiday and one of the US notes that I received was a one dollar note that has been stamped with a website address . Then logged in to the site and registered the bill. Then I found out that the $1 notes has been traveled miles and miles away from where it was first registered in that site.
I wanted to pass the $1 notes but most money changer does not accept notes that has already been stamped or written. So I pass the note to an English women I met in Sepilok Sandakan after knowing that she is going to Japan. Then after that no new for few months then suddenly I received an e-mail telling that the bill has been report again. I find it very interesting to know how far the $1 note traveled the world.
You can view the report of the $1 bill that I'd pass on at

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