Friday, June 29, 2007

Why only Canon?

Seems like only Canon has a BIG billboard around
Kota Kinabalu, I always wanted to see a Nikon sign
but no where to be seen.Most pro photographers in
Sabah using Nikon, Cede P using Nikon, John Kong
using Nikon, Jonathan Tan using Nikon, Claus Topp
is using Nikon and I used Nikon too. The reason why
I not using Canon because of few things, 3 reason:
Size - I don't like the feel when holding the Canon
camera because of small grip on it and it look unpro.

Shutter - It is very scary for most photographer who
make a living with their camera where malfunction
during shooting on assignment is unacceptable.

Tough? - Most Canon camera cannot go to toughest
condition unless you are using a hi end type like
1Ds Mark II or 5D Canon which built for pro use.

My Nikon D80 have gone to the toughest condition
where even a soup has been pour on it accidentally
and still work until now at it best never failed.

Well anyway I think it is up the person it self of what
they really want, I don't say Canon is not good it a good
camera. There are some pros and cons of that.

I hope to see any sign board of Nikon on the street
where people can see. I think for Canon it is because
they are not just into camera but in many others.

International pro photographer who using Nikon:
Mattias Klum
Joel Sartore


Flanegan said...

I'm using Canon.. lol~~~
Canon is big bah that's why~~

Lance said...

memang pun

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