Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Another KK Guides Faces

Today is a lil bit bored and little stress, need to finish
KK Tours Brochure dateline is very soon.

Anyway.. here is some more KK Tourist Guides
Faces caught on camera.

This is Auther King caught on camera staring
at the tourist in their bikinis. Not even blink
his eye. Uii! diorang perasan tu ko tengok..

Rama aka "Butterfly" spread his wings to fly but didn't
happen to be flying. Begaya butul di tamu KB.

This is Mike aka "Michaelmanjilat".
Raja Jilat, tia tau apa dia jilat kakaka.
si Ben: "Uii panjang juga lidah dia kalah sia punya mau
exercise lah ni dulu
last but not least, Bonnie. Drink kola for boost up
energy after the trekking in Gaya Island. Macam
di ikland tv pula.

More photos soon of guides in Sabah

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