Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Browsing My Blog

Its been a long time since my last time browsing the internet using internet explorer. Yesterday when I saw my blog's layout when I open with internet explorer, I'm very surprise where the page layout was in total mess where my blog's right sidebar was no where to be seen. When I scroll down, it was down there. I thought there was something wrong with my blog html but when I open with Mozilla Firefox everything was in order exactly the setting I made. So I then I know there is nothing wrong with the page but it was has to do with the browser. My blog is best view with Mozilla Firefox. If you haven't had the Mozilla Firefox installed in your computer, you can find the download button on my blog's sidebar. Please let me know how is my blog layout if you are using different browser other than Firefox.


maslight said...

hohoho i dun use IE. well maybe i'll use it when it's required. so, no i dun haf any problem viewing ur blog and it's not messy coz i'm using firefox *burns~

natt said...

i'm using fire fox! woohoo~ but i havent seen any difference from internet explorer oso~

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