Thursday, July 5, 2007

Haze Season

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This morning on the way to Kinabalu Park, I can see the mountain very clear no cloud. For the Dusun people who live on the foot hill of the mountain, it is the sign of planting season. I can see on the far hill some smoke going up to the atmosphere and I know that is the starting of the hazy season I would say. I remember last year I was very frustrated with the condition where I couldn't get the blue skies everytime I go out for my photo outing. During this planting season, the farmers will make land clearing and burn out the bushes resulting haze condition all over. Day will become very hot, temperature rising up and the sun light could not penetrate the haze creating a moody condition. It is not only in Sabah but also the whole island of Borneo. Kalimantan Indonesia also having the same thing as in Sabah where farmers do land clearing and burn bushes. At the moment it is still clear and still got the blue sky but hazy season will be coming soon.

The images above was taken last year during haze season, be prepared.

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