Monday, July 23, 2007

How old is Malaysia?

I guess not many people know how old is Malaysia
especially west Malaysian. I like to know how many of
you out there know how old is Malaysia.
Post it in the comment.

The answer is: 44 years old
50th independence is for Malaya. not Malaysia.
They forgot about Sabah and Sarawak. Malaysia
was form in Sabah on the 16th September 1963.

Sabahan must know this...and so to Malaysians

"Know your history"


natt said...

ya i think u're rite, not many people know how old Malaysia is...but my answer is going to be 44. haha..

babyphoenix said...

lima kosong

maslight said...

50th XD

i think advertisement everywhere leh XD

natt said...

bah lence, what's the real answer la kunun? im still sticking to 44

Flanegan said...

Malaya - 50th
Malaysia Federation - 44th

that's my answer...

Media is Evil!

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