Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jali with 4 ladies

Two trip with Jali with these four ladies

Ms Bevan and Ms Mead (Aussie)

Mrs Ingelise and Ms Andersen(Denmark)

Jali look like a dwarf with them.

Both doing the same program of two days one night at the park
day one visiting Poring Hotspring then day two visiting the Kinabalu
Park, doing the summit trail to the second shelter. But for ms Bevan
and Ms Mead only reach 1st shelter due to bad weather condition at
the Park. Did have a nice trip with them.


natt said...

i remember one of the lady! her name is also natalie kan? jali told me about her and i tought he was trying to pull my leg.LOL! btw, y on earth la jali wear his futsal jersey in knp? dat guy i wierd and he speaks dutch!?

maslight said...

i'm gonna feel like a midget among tall ppl T_T

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