Saturday, July 7, 2007

Me and Ian Wright

I think everybody recognize him right? Its Ian Wright from
the Globe Trekker Discovery Travel & Living. This picture was
taken in Kota Belud sunday market last year. He and the crew
was doing filming about Malaysia and they covered Malay
peninsular and also east Malaysia. In Sabah, their official guide
was John Prudente . I was lucky enough to take picture with him.
John help to get the shot. When he was in the market, I was quite
surprise when almost all the people in the market know him. Even the
makcik2 also know him and trying to get his autograph. I guess these
are the people who is subscribing astro in that area who watch the
Travel and Living channel.


natt said...

i knew he was around last year but barely see him! i only saw the mt. kinabalu poster with his signature and some funny comment in knp but dat's all! man, he's one funny guy and i love him!!

maslight said...

kewl! uhuh uhuh...i know him from watching astro kekekek

lance said...

I guess he is very famous anyway haha. I kongsi glamour ja haha

Jewelle said...

Ha, don't you know it! He is my mother's idol! I like him too, he is funny and cute :-D

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