Tuesday, July 3, 2007

New Bridge for Poring Canopy Walkway

If you haven't update yourself with a recent news
about the canopy walkway in Poring Hotspring, I
posted these photos for you to view. The park
ranger taking out
the rope, net, planks
and ladder on the 1st
bridge after the
1st platform was
destroyed by the
big fallen branch,
slightly above the
platform. So at the
moment visitor
has to start from
the original ending
platform for the
walk and must return
back to where they
started. This way
cause visitor have to
wait for their turn
to go on the bridge.
The original starting platform was now has put down
and move to another different place. The branch was
fell from a big tree,(arrow).
Soon there will be another
two bridges will be added
to existing bridge. The work
placing the cable and rope
has already been started
so may be it will be another
2 month to finish and open
for public visitors. At the
moment people have to be
patients for the condition
that they had to wait for
a turn to go on the bridge
by waiting for people to
come back 1st from
crossing the bridge.

will be
built. The
bridge will
length of the bridge even longer than before.
Work in progress for the two new bridges.

I will post again with any news about places of interest
in Sabah soon. You can bookmark my blog by simply
with press ctrl+D on your computer

1 comment:

natt said...

man, how i hate it when things like this happen. going up from the returning path is so crucifying~

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