Friday, August 10, 2007

Latest Images

Driving in, this image I shot of the logging pasing

Public phone, the only way to connect wit outside
world now broken, make me sad


Gliding squirrel that I manage to get hahaha!

Going on the new canopy bridge

In my room doing picture editing

File Eared Tree Frog
I hope you like this latest photos, I'm still
in Danum Valley now at will be back to
Kota Kinabalu on the 12th.


John Chin said...

Yo mate! Wowo damn man you got the flying squirrel and what a shot! Great one mate! And love the frog too. Did you get that near the pond just off the dirt road going into the staff hostel?
Anyway keep up the fantastic work dude!

natt said...

yeah, it was a great shot of the squirrel! u in danum for work for just photo trip?

Jollence Lee said...

Hi guys! I'm in Danum for work lah. That frog I got it near the royal chalet.

maslight said...

wuahhhhhh~~~~ jumping squirrel~

anyways, where in m'sia yang teda broken phone booth..vandalism~ T_T

Jollence Lee said...

This one is not by vandalism mass, the phone is not been check by Telekom for years. Danum Valley need a new phone booth.

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