Saturday, August 25, 2007

Off To Danum Again

Here I come again BRL, I will be in Danum for 5 days start
going in tomorrow. Will be back on the 30th August. I will
be catching up the early flight to Lahad Datu and then two
and a half hours driving on the dirt track.Its going to be a
hell of a bumpy road, free back massage though. Tour will
be much more on walking in Danum Valley, spotting animals
and birds. I'm not sure about the weather in Danum recently
if its rain then its going to be alots of friendly leeches then
on the nature trail. Well now I need to sort out my things
to bring with me. prepare my gear for 5 days. I'll write
again soon.


John Prudente said...

U lucky guy! Hope you'll shot some rare ANIMALS! I jealous oh... I be going in the neighbourhood too Maliau Basin. Sampai gate je! hehehehe. Tak larat walk jau jau.

natt said...

so great to become freelance and doing all those exclusive and expensive tour o~ LOL kasi makan ja ba d leech there...darah ko sadaaap durang bilang.

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