Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sandakan Again?

After I came back from Danum Valley, now I had to go to Sandakan for another works. I only had yesterday and today to settle everything in Kota Kinabalu. I've pick up my tour guide license from MOTOUR this afternoon, done my laundry, pay my house( late) ,car(also late). Now I almost finish packing my things.Last time I went to Lahad Datu by flight this time KK Tours only gave me a bus ticket to Sandakan, 8pm depart from Kota Kinabalu, not so very good isn't it...because I will be arriving Sandakan about 2am, I hope the Ricky guy can wake up to pick me up at the terminal in Sandakan. I'll try to post any story while I'm in Sandakan, if I can get an internet connection.


Jeremy said...

cool lah gambar ko semua!!!! hahaha

charlenediane said...

You're travelling everywhere! I envy you *sobs

Hey I heard from Jason that there's gonna be a photo workshop again sometime soon? Is that true.. cos if it is I really wanna sign up for that lah. You guys take the coolest nature pics!

Jollence Lee said...

Jeremy> thank you! Thank you!

Charlene>Ya there will be another one coming soon, just keep updated. we will let people know from my blog and also from John's Blog

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