Monday, September 3, 2007

Danum 26 Jul - 01 Aug

I just came back from Danum Valley and these are
the shots that I manage to get from there. I captured
many images but only these few displayed in here

Western Tarsier

Another Tarsier

Agamid Lizard

This is the wild pig called "Janggut"

Pil Milipeed

Frog Series
Harlequin Tree Frog

Jade Tree Frog

I cannot find this in my book so this one still has no name
I put in here, if anyone know the name post it on comment.

Same with this name unknown

Name unknown

Gibbon Leaping Series

May be going in again to Danum but don't know yet when.
All of these photos was shoot using my Nikon D80 with few
various Nikon lenses.


maslight said...

O.O wow

babyphoenix said...

i wish to go to danummmm.. but it's bit pricey..

Jollence Lee said...

Can go DVFC also wat,cheaper, BRL is quite costly. Same type of wildlife you can see.

Jewelle Tan said...

I like the Janggut shot! Fantastic job as usual Jollence :-)

Jollence Lee said...

thanks guys for your comments.
Yes Jewell, Janggut is very popular in the Danum Valley. The tourist like him. :-)

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