Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Heroes Season 2

how many of you guys watching the series? Probably not many people know about the series. The Season one just finish and now the season 2 begin, the series now in the US already at episode 4. In season 2, more new characters, new story and of coz there always a new villain. You can watch the episode 4 of the season 2 in my other blogs at . The video will be change next week so watch it before I delete it.


maslight said...

it's getting really really exciting XD i juz finish watching ep 4..banci se tu parkman!

Jollence Lee said...

May be the father is the bogeyman.
next ep more trill..hopefully

maslight said...

the dad is the boogeyman... XD

oh eh u watch ep 4 sudah? XD

wuah gila sudah se tinguk tv series XD

Jollence Lee said...

already watch ep4 lo.
Not sure if the dad is the bogeyman we have to waitlah for ep5

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