Tuesday, October 30, 2007

KK Blogger Meeting

I arrive late that night but not the latest person. Still two people later that me, anyway the meeting was not many people showed up but still it was a good meeting. I met Peter and Wuan and of coz the rest of others. I was too lazy to hold my camera that night so I only took few shots. While the others, feels like there are rapids lightning inside the Irish Bar.
Peter and Wuan

Thats me with Peter & Wuan

The attendant of bloggers
(Thanks Dee for helping me holding it)

You can find more photos of the meeting from the others, here I listed it in below:


Edgar said...

glad to meet you, lance. hope to meet you again in the next bloggers meet.

haha bidaknya my tulisan.

Dee said...

Hey Lance,

It was good to have met you at the meet =) Thanks for dropping by and I had fun chit chatting with you about photography. =D

See you soon!!

Jollence Lee said...

Edgar, I like your shirt "Save the cheer leader save the world" Haha. Glad to be there meeting you.

Dee, I had fun talking with you good luck with your photography ok. Thanks for organizing such meeting. Meet you on the next blogger meet.

LeeHng said...

jollence! great meeting u in person! think 1 day we can go try ambil gambar sama2? :D

Jollence Lee said...

Thats a good idea, next time why not.

jacq said...

Was nice meeting you too Lance. Too Bad we didn't really get the chance to chat. Next time ya. :)

Jollence Lee said...

ya, may be on the next blogger meet then. Nice meeting you too Jacq.

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