Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Mv Doulos

The arrival of the MV Doulos ship makes almost every one
in Kota Kinabalu rather put them self in a crowded situation.
Every Body go to see the oldest floating book shop. If you
haven't heard of it you can check here about the ship. It is
a monsoon here in Sabah at the moment makes it raining
almost every afternoon where sometimes until night falls.
The ship will continue sailing for another 3 year from now
then it will be eventually stay in the museum. So make your
visit while it here in Kota Kinabalu. Here are some of the shots.
The Ship

The Visitors
The Visitor who still go even its raining

You can always guess what type of books I'm looking at

The Books
Many books including Holy Bibles you can get here

Still raining

The Ship
The Night end

Worth visiting the ship as I got my own "Photographer's Manual book"


maslight said...

wuah ujan...

Jollence Lee said...

cats and dogs

Haizum said...

Uhu, nice pictures.

I was only in KK for 3 days, rushing to meet everyone so I didn't have time to board the Doulos. *sob*

Jollence Lee said...

Too bad, tomorrow is the last day already. You'll have to wait for the other two ship to come here but still don't know when.

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