Friday, October 19, 2007

The Professional Photographer

There are several photographer who actually inspired me to go for my little photography ambition. I like to featured them in my little blog. For those of you who are sort of thinking to become a pro photographer, I think this might help.

Photo © Karen Davies

Karen Davies, is the 1st photographer who actually inspired me to become a photographer. That was when I 1st saw her on a television doing her photography assignment . She mostly travel to many countries especially Asia for her work. She doing it mostly on freelance basis for news.

Photo © Frans Lanting

Frans Lanting, I think many of you know him well right? He is a National Geographic photographer. His many works come out in the National Geographic magazines. His photograph has made me into nature lover. I started shooting wildlife photograph after I've seen his fantastic photograph.
Website :

Photo © Cede P

Cede Prudente, I think many of you know him. You have seen his work. He is a Sabahan itself. He is one of my "Guru". He teach me alot about wildlife photography. He mostly involve with the BBC work producing films and photographs.

Photo © Ken Duncan

Ken Duncan is and professional landscapes photographer from Australia. His art work open up my eyes and make me fall in love with landscapes photography. He mostly doing panoramic photos and sell his pano prints on his website and gallery in Australia. He photograph the movie titled " Passion Of Christ". You can see much his art work from his site.

Photo © Marc Adamus

Marc Adamus is a Landscapes photographer from US. I like to say that his photograph has gave me a big impact in making me more into Landscapes photography. His work is absolutely gorgeous, all of them. Go into his website and tell me.
Website :

Now you all know who has inspired me in pursuing my little photography dream. I hope to hear a story from you guys out there. I love to make friends to who share the same interest with me. Share your story here.

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