Wednesday, November 7, 2007

3-4 November Rugby Match

I shoot more than 2500 photos for two day and I've chosen only this shots to be posted in here. I got sun burn on the 1st day and makes me couldn't sleep that night. We shoot using 3 Nikon D2x, 1 D200 and of coz D80. We used Cede's tele lenses 500mm, 600mm, fisheye. Couple of wide angled lenses also. Below is the selected shot.
The Stadium of Likas

John and Cede

World No 1 Player Samoan

There always a fighting

Potbellies Baboon

The winning team SRC Borneo Eagle
Well Done!! Sabah Boleh!!!

Special appearance of I'm Julian


Dee said...

Okay, I seriously got rugby guys overdose but ZOMGOD, they're SO hunkyyyy!

Lance my dear, can I have some of them photos too ka like Josie? ;)

Dee said...

by the way, your gambar no. 8 kan. *drools* Errm, look at them asses!!! Punya la main tight! =D *blush*

See see, this is too much!! Argggh!!

Jewelle said...

Lance, for picture number 5 - thank you! But why only ONE? Why?!

How about a special feature "the men of the rugby match"

Jollence Lee said...

Dee> Ok bah for you.

Jewelle> There are so many shots I took I don't know already which one to put in here. :) so this is just the chosen one.

LeeHng said...

omg! sya punya muka macam minta tampar pulak!!! XD


dui dui dui~ get to see all the girls acting horny now. kekeke

tsmanta said...

hahaha...gini pulak rugby sports huh? grabbin each others' asses :P

Jollence Lee said...

Julian: Muka famous mah

tsmanta: Gitu lah tu pegang2 pant*t

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