Sunday, November 18, 2007

Photography Assignment

Jasmine Spa

I made 23 vertical shot and stitch it together using PS CS3 to make this pano shot of the spa

This is was the hard part where I made many shots of this two ladies just to get the sharp image. They don't seems to understand when I ask them to stay still even after they heard the shutter click, due to slow shutter. At last I got a one sharp after few attempt.

Fratini's Restaurant

This Italian restaurant was the fastest of making pizza that I ever seen. This pizza was only took about 5 minute to produced by the cook.
I made a few shots of the pizza then after that they said ok you can "tapau" (take away) that pizza and its free. I was like...oh ok hehe.

I ate the pizza back home and OMG! that was a delicious Italian pizza that I ever had. Even the "Little It***" pizza cannot compare to this. I put this one as a must try food.


maslight said...

i'm still confused in stitching since haf to be at the same height or something rite? @_@

Jollence Lee said...

There are few things very important if you want to do photo stitching;
1. Pano head on tripod which do vertical shot.
2. Check Nodal point.
You can check site if you want to see how is the tripod head look like and nodal point.
3.must be around 40% overlapping when taking each shots.

I think I should make a post later about making pano photo with stitching method. May be after I come back from Kudat photo assignment.

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