Thursday, November 15, 2007

Shutterpoint Stock Photo

I had my photos in few stock photos and I find it quite difficult to make any sale of my photos. But I did it quite well with Shutterpoint . I manage to make good sale of my photos. I wasn't sure about Shutterpoint at the 1st place where because in order to become one of the photographer who selling stock photos in Shutterpoint, I need to pay for membership fees. I used my credit card to subscribed. In a matter of few weeks after I uploaded photos into my galleries, I made a sales. If you have a camera which capable producing image of 5 megapixels, you can submit your photos and makes some bucks with your camera. I hope this info helps some of photographers who sort of looking for place to sell their photograph in stock photos. If you think of selling your photos with Shutterpoint, here is the link to the photographers subscribe page:
Good Luck!!

I've been chosen as viewer's choice on Shutterpoint home page
::Click image for large view::


jasmine said...

i LOOOVEE your work. went through some of them in your flickr just now. you're my new idol :D i would love to go photo hunting with you one day.. that'll be so nice, seeing a pro doing his 'thang... lol.

Jollence Lee said...

Wow feel so nice to have a fan, anyway I'm not yet a pro..
May be some day we can organize a photography trip but so soon, will be inform if we have one ok.

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