Monday, December 3, 2007

Adobe Photoshop Photomerge - Creating Pano

Some people have asked me before how I made the pano picture using photoshop, so now I decided to post it in here so everybody can learn from it too. These are just a simple step by step images of the stitching process. You can click the images to see large view. In making a long pano from few images, I used Adobe Photoshop Cs3 to stitch it. Right..

step1- Open images that you want to stitch together in photoshop, you can either open all the images in one time in open folder or go to (step 2) file>automate>photomerge. I usually like to open all in using open folder option as it save loading time.

Step 2 -Go to file>automate>photomerge
Step 3 - Once the photomerge option box open, they will ask to either browse images from folder or just add already opened images. Make sure check the desire style of stitching, there are few option in there auto, perspective, cylindrical, reposition only and interactive layout. I usually used cylindrical way. Make sure the box blend images together was checked then click ok.

Step 4 - After step 3, you will actually have to wait it automatically align, blend and stitch the images together. After it was done, you will see something like image shown below.

Step 5 - Crop the stitched images to something like shown in image below then flatten images into only one layer. That you can find under layer>flatten images.

Step 6 - By using Rectangular marquee tool, select all image then right click at the image then choose free transform . The click wrap mode which you can find just above to image. In wrap mode you can drag the photo edges until the white area you cannot see. In wrap mode also you can fix the level of the image. Then after that just press enter when done.
Step 7 - The result you will get is some thing like image below. Now you can do all the normal adjustment such as contrast, color correction or saturation, make sure you save the file under Save as new file, other wise the original gone.
I hope you can understand my simple photoshop tutorial, please ask me if you still don't understand the process.

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