Saturday, December 8, 2007

Daily Read

photographer II
As a photographer, I love to look at other photographer's photos and get updated. I have listed below here some of the photographers blog that I check out daily. Feel free to check out their blog. - M'sia best wedding photographer - Commercial photographer - get updated with new gear - Wildlife photographer

Latest - Wedding photographer

I also like to check out the latest photo in you can check out my flickr at


Jasmine said...

Hi Jollence! I look forward to visiting your blog again soon! It's so much fun! :)

emmy said...

ba bulih suda ni ambil gambar bridal... amacam sia jadi first client tapi kasi free ah... hehehe

Jollence Lee said...

Thanks Jasmine... But starting from the 12th December to the 18th I'm working outstation so no post that period.

Emmy@ Bulih bah kalau ko

Louis said...

Thanks for the love Jollence!

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