Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Beloved Nikon F55

Its been a while since my last shooting with my Nikon F55 35mm film camera. It never failed my so far. This camera had a good review from Ken Rockwell and few others camera site. Don't believe? here is the link http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/n55.htm
and here some more http://www.reviewcentre.com/review159113.html . the good thing about this camera is that it rolled out the negative first then each time when you shot the film rolled in, so it safe like that.

Here is some of my sample photo shot with the Nikon F55.

silhouettes at dusk

wooden bridge panoramic


Mamutik Island

Now I have the Nikon F55 as a back up body in any of my photography work. Well of coz there are some pros and cons of this camera. I'll be going on a trip again starting tomorrow until on the 18th dis, so gonna be a lots of shooting. Anyway..there will be no post till I come back to where there is an internet connection.


tennsen said...

hello.. i'm using also F55.
but ur photo DAMN nice.
especially no.2, how u get it like panaromic?

Jollence Lee said...

The panoramic shot, it was cropped.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Im also using an F55.

Your shiots are stunning!

How do you get your photos to be so vibrant like that?

Especially the first and second.

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