Thursday, January 3, 2008

Few New Photos

All of this shot was taken from the Mengkabong Bridge in Tuaran near the Shangri-las Rasa Ria Resort. This Has been one of the favorite spot by local Sabah Photographers.

Long Pier After Sunset

Two Bajau Women

Tree Skeleton at Dusk


CresceNet said...

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charles said...

Dude nice photo from the Tuaran bridge... also got a few pic there, but not that nice though.. and i didn't know it is the fav spot for photographers... well now i know :P

Jollence Lee said...

Hi crescenet Glad you like it. Thanks for the link.

Yes indeed, its a fav spot Charles

Murphy said...

saw your lokkawi photo published in Digital Camera Magazine (Jan 08 issue). Congratulations... nice work. :-)

Jollence Lee said...

Really!! I haven't seen it yet.. Thanks for telling Murphy.

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