Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Recent shots

Kinabalu Park is one of my favorite for landscapes photo location. It has so much to offer not just landscape photos but many others. Certainly recommended for any photographer.

Mount Kinabalu Dawn


Rainforest Garden

Smoky Stream


Dezza said...

these are some great photos. i wish i had stayed a few days at Mt Kinabalu instead of just climbing it and leaving..always a next time:) i'll definitely be back. thanks for your comment on my flickr stream. i will be following your photography closely, keep up the good work. if you're ever in Hong Kong give me a shout.

Jollence Lee said...

Hi Derrick glad you drop by. May be next time you come to Sabah just for photography and leasure. Make sure you let me know you are coming. You have many nice shots in your gallery. I love them all.

Frisco Daniel said...

hello Jollence,
i like your works... keep posting and i'll keep tracking... thanks for sharing.


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