Monday, February 4, 2008

My Recent Update

It’s been awhile since my last post to my blog. Now is already February and a lot of things happening for this month, Chinese New Year.. “Hong Bao” lai.. a Chinese red packet which contain money.. A married family member will give the red packet to the family members who still single. They kept asking me when I’m going to get marry. It’s because they still have to give me “Hong Bao”. February is also a month for a lover which 14 February … A Valentine Day. Ashes Wednesday is around the corner and we all Catholic will not eat meat every Friday until Easter. And oh Louis give a Hong Bao but it’s not money.. It is something betters that money. It’s a fine print for my house wall.
Yes, I made the 2000th comment on his blog and won a fine print from him. I made a comment in his blog and found out next after submitting my comment that I made a spelling mistake. I literally made a correction of the word “price” to “*Prize” and indeed the word “prize” that I type was the 2000th comment. Louis call me up to tell me about it. I’m really happy with it.

I don't have any recent work but I help my friend with their wedding recently. They have hire other photographer to take photo for their wedding so I'm just helping out. So these are some of the shots.


Ben & Emmy

Emmy's Flower


Ben & Emmy Newly Wedd


pyn79 said...

Nice Emmy & Ben's Wedding Pics =)

Anonymous said...

i love it too... tq so much lence for the beautiful picture..

Jollence Lee said...

No Problem

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