Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Home village photos and More Bee-eaters

Recently back to my home village in Tuaran. I couldn't resist of going out in the morning with the new D300. The place almost every morning will be covered with thick mist. The village was right in valley so that is why very misty. I took many shots and one of them is here.
Grazing Buffalo, Tuaran District

Misty Morning, Tuaran district
Breakfast alone

Black Headed Munia
Black Headed Munia

More Bee-eater Shots

The Bee-eater clan
The Clan

No more Place to perch
No more place to perch

In flight
in flight

one Bee-eater
Another Bee-eater from my home village.


nottyboy said...

cool... i am from tuaran too ;)

babyphoenix said...

u have a beautiful kampung..

Jollence Lee said...

Nottyboy > Nice to know someone from Tuaran too.

Babyphoenix > I like to spend long time there doing my photography but work keeps back to KK.

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