Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My New Nikon D300 Images

I just Got my new Nikon D300 today and went to try it. This two images was shoot in jpeg with no editing. I'm still try to get use to the setting of the D300, very different with the D80. I will try to post more D300 images soon.
Blue And White Flycatcher

Fern Leaf

The RAW images produce by the Nikon D300 can't be read by the older version of the Capture NX. Nikon has given a newer version or the updated version of the capture NX which come bundle with the Nikon D300, can process the D300 Raw images. I tried to open the Raw file with Photoshop CS3 as well but can't read it. May be I need to reinstall the photoshop CS3 after already installed the updated version of the Capture NX.

1 comment:

Dezza said...

glad you got the camera!

but don't forget, IQ is all about the lenses, the camera body is more about the extra bells and whistles;)

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