Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nikon D300 Another Few New Shots

You might have been waiting for the result shots of my new Nikon D300. I've been shooting with the new D300 this few days and still trying to get used of the camera setting. Still working it but will get it soon. These are one of the shots I took, you might see the different color of the photos its because I shoot that with different setting. You'll be the judge of this....Let me know.
End of the Day
End of day, Tanjung Aru

Rushing Waves
Rushing Waves, Tanjung Aru

Blue Throated Bee-eater

Hovering, Blue Throated Bee-eater
Hovering Bee-eater

Oriental Honey Buzzard
Oriental Honey Buzzard


Dezza said...

nice photos. boy i miss those KK sunsets!

what lenses are you using here? i think that's more important than the body...

Jollence Lee said...

I used the nikon DX AF-S 18-70mm. not a high end lens though.

The bird shots was with the nikon ED AF-S 70-300mm G VR said...

Bro nice photos! great great!

Wendell's Blog said...

ramai la yg tengah jeles ni skarang... si kawan sudah upgrade jadi pro level. ahahhha.. great D300 photos!

Jollence Lee said...

Bennyliew> Thanks Benny!!

Wendell> Jangan lah jeles brother. Sia pun belum sampai tahap pro lagi bah. Masih semi...hahahaha

babyphoenix said...

love the tg. aru pics..

Jollence Lee said...

I'm glad you like it Amy. Thanks for the comment.

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