Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sabah Tea with some Action

My recent visit to the Sabah Tea, I've taken few hundred photos and here I share some of the shots for you to see. So if you don't know where Sabah Tea location, it's in Ranau district about 30 minute from the junction to Poring Hotspring. I've discovered, Sabah Tea Plantation not just a farm and a factory but it has a lots more to offer. It has trail for people who like to do trekking,
a team building place, a river and forest for nature lovers and photographers. The accommodation there is good, they have chalet and even a longhouse which was made by the Rungus tribes from Kudat. Budget travelers can stay at the longhouse. They also have a very good restaurant.

I'm actually having a tea as obviously its Tea Plantation place

Morning mist over the tea plantation creating a very different atmosphere at dawn.

The misty condition start disappeared as the sun goes higher

That is Geoff preparing and testing his rope crossing the river for the student group

One of the student

This rock formation grab my attention, this was created by the river water itself through time and eroded creating this amazing art.

Sabah Tea is worth to visit, may be a night or two. I definitely will do it again.


Derrick from HK said...

thanks for writing about your trip there. i'll go there next time i'm in KK. please share more of your outings, i'm very interested!

Jordan Sitorus said...

Wow..I had no idea they have such facilities there until ur post. Thanks for sharing...How's the rate there?

Jollence Lee said...

Derrick > Definitely will post my outing here. let me know when you are coming ok.

Joe > They have a nice chalet there. I stayed in one of the chalet for 3 nights and it was quite comfy I would say. I not sure the rate b'coz my stay was paid by the company who sent me there. Ask Chai to check out coz he can get good deal.

Pirut said...

Graciasss! I've been there long time ago.. Nice place!

Lady Stilleto said...

I have to agree with you that this place is beautiful. The Sapaon river is a great place to relax.

Jollence Lee said...

The Sapaon River indeed very nice place. There even a waterfall in that place.

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