Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunset Long Exposure

silhouettes at duskDo you remember this shot? I took this shot almost about 4 years ago with a film camera. Today I went back to the same place took some more tree shots. I love trees..

This are few shots that I made today. I hope you like it. These sunset shots was shoot in bulb.
Single Tree (Vertical)
Single Tree (vertical)

Single Tree(Horizontal)
Single Tree (horizontal)

Kiau Valley
Kiau Valley


Sir George said...

wow..cantiknya did you take that?

Jollence Lee said...

Using Manual exposure mode (Bulb). Means Long exposure, longer than 30 second. Tripod, cable release. Aperture set to f16. for this shot I used 1 polarizer and a ND Filter.

Sir George said...

what's a polarizer and ND filter?? sorry a newbie bah ni

Jollence Lee said...

Polarizer filter, very useful filter. It can make blue sky, bring out rich colors, take out glare.

ND filter:

Check link above. It will tell you.

saifulrizan said...

More than 30 seconds?

I guess the filters did contribute to the light filtering, right?

I tried with my camera, but the image blown (excessive lights).

Anyway, your pictures are always inspiring. :)

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