Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fern Pix - Favorite Plant

Fern is always my favorite plant. I like the pattern, the curves, the hair...don't get it wrong. I just like it. Its feels jungle, wild and fresh. Here are some of fern photos I've taken. I hope i will be your favorite too.
Fly on the fern
Fly on The Fern

Young leaf Broad leaf fern
Broad Leaf Fern Young Leaf

Broad Leaf Fern young leaf
Broad Leaf Fern Young Leaf II

Fern young leaf

Tree Fern
Tree Fern, Living Fossil

Broad Leaf Fern
Broad Leaf Fern

A bug on Fern leaf
Bug on Broad Leaf Fern

Last one also my Fav
Dendilion Flower


saifulrizan said...

the last one really nice!

Anonymous said...

how to destroy this dendilion flower a?

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