Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Printer/ in my workspace.

I thinks most people who lives around Kota Kinabalu know about the PC Fair at Centre Point Sabah. Its only for three days, last day today. I am one of the people who went there. Anyway, it was very crowded. It seems very popular, well.. everybody do want to miss this. I bought some few things for myself there. Couple of small things and two printers.......what two printers? yes, the offer was irresistible. Lexmark printer was selling "Buy one free one". Even the quality of that printer not as good as Epson quality, it was ok for printing some doc. file and contact sheet.

Contact sheet

I printed some photos in A4 size and a couple of contact sheets. I can say that it was not a very much user friendly printer in terms of the printing style. The scanner was not that bad.

My Work Table at home

Here is my workspace inside my room. As you can see, I have a small table like Japanese style..Hait! I have a proper desk but not my favorite way of working on that table. I prefer small table. Got toooo many stuff, don't where to put already (stuck em all under the table). I love my window blind, it a bamboo. Cost me Rm39 for that blind. Got a pic of my favorite person too for inspirational.
work space

I've been very lazy lately writing for my blog. I appreciate to those regular visitor who keep visiting my blog. Thanks for the support.


Derrick said...

is it cheaper to print your own photos in KK than to take them to a shop?

what about the quality?

i always thought the price of paper, ink and the printer would outweigh the costs of printing a few photos at the shop...

Jollence Lee said...

Hi Derrick, well if you printing small size photos are very cheap in the shop. Big print is a little bit more to pay. I think cheaper at the shop than printing yourself.

saifulrizan said...

I was about to ask the same thing.

Now I know the answer lah. hehehe

Derrick said...

so why buy a printer/ink/paper to print yourself? is the quality better?

I am coming to KK again in July! if you are free, would love to meet with you!

Jollence Lee said...

Saiful:) They charge me cheaper than normal price because I normally print many large print. They give me better price when after they become friend with me. I normally do my printing at Yong Color Lab. They has a large good printer for a very large print.

Derrick: I got two printer for the price of RM199, its an irresistible offer. Its make good print for document and contact sheets.
My schedule on July is not that tight, just let me know the date ok. I like to meet you too.

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