Sunday, April 6, 2008

Star Trail Shots

I just came back from shooting a star trail. Its kind of hard though to find a place in KK which without a street light. I posted in here some of the shots I made(taken between 2-3am). All of these was captured with long exposure setting on bulb. I need to get my sleep now, explanation will be posted soon(remind me). Enjoy!

Star Trail over Tree


Star Trails

Updated: How to shoot star trail

Right! some of you may be wondering how did I took this what setting and so on.. you may be think I used small aperture like f10 or f22. No! I used aperture range of f3.5 to f8. I never go greater than f8, not enough light. With a digital slr camera, suitable setting is aperture set to f5.6 with ISO100 or lower. I know some camera don't have ISO100 but you still can use ISO200. Shooting mode is Manual set to "Bulb". For shooting with bulb, you need cable release which has a shutter lock to lock the shutter during the exposure.

Tripod, you need a steady tripod. sometime during the exposure strong wind can shake your camera if your tripod not steady enough. Especially when shooting near the beach where strong wind.

How long is the exposure? The longer exposure time, the more longer star trail you get. Those I have was only 15 minute+another 15minute noise reduction job. which make it altogether 30 minute to wait then I can make another shot. Some people let the exposure up to 1 hour. Waiting time can be boring.

My advise when shooting star trail at night, don't go out there alone at night. You know you are bringing expansive equipment. an less you are shooting from your own house backyard.

You can post on comment if you still need to ask question ok. or if you are in KK you can call my mobile number.


Jefferi said...

cool.. night and long exposure is such a hard work. well executed!

Jollence Lee said...

It is hard work. I hate the waiting part. said...

Great Works!

millzero said...

thanks for sharing the information. would try this and let you know how it works.

Jollence Lee said...

Thanks! Thanks for the visit.

Hi Ali, good to see you here, it would be nice at your place in Maldives. Please let me know ok.

SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

Wow, awesome work.

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