Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What Recent.

India Media group
Yo.. few things happening. I have been assign by ABC(All Borneo Connection) Tours Sdn Bhd to handle the India Media Group for five days touring around Kota Kinabalu. We did the hotel inspection at Sutera Harbour which had a little delayed in starting the inspection. We got a beautiful miss Loretta took us around the resort including viewing the rooms. Some amazing views from the rooms and as well as the Pacific Club.



We went to the island after the hotel inspection finish. About 20minute boat ride to Manukan for lunch then to the Sapi Island. There We did the Underwater Sea walking, the scene down under was beautiful. A very colorful fishes are all around us down there. The sea walking was worth to do. Recommended one.


They did the parasailing some more. Not me.
Sutera Harbour Resort

After the parasailing we go back to hotel of Le Meridian. There is one cool thing that Tourism Malaysia give to the tour guide(me). They gave me a room at the Le Meridian for three nights. Fantastic..! The hotel upgrade me to the bigger room which on the 11th floor as may be because of no normal room available.
Well... thats it for today..I mean yesterday (1am already). I'm at the hotel room now and going to get some sleep for another trip in the morning. zzzZZ...


Sir George said...

teda ka gambar...underwater sea walking haha

Jollence Lee said...

Guna camera sia teda oh, masih lagi camera sia takut air, lebih2 lagi air masin haha! Camera sea walking adalah.

XiGorX said...

Great pics...I love them very much..

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