Saturday, May 3, 2008

Recent Visit - Labuan

Recently I went to Labuan Bringing a group of tourist. As I always do in any of my trip, I always take pictures. If you don't know or haven't heard about Labuan, it is a "Duty Free" island found just 8km offshore of Sabah. Now it is called the Federal Territories of Labuan belong to Malaysia. From Kota Kinabalu via ferry is about 3hours and 30minute by flight. Alternatively people can drive to Beaufort just South of Kota Kinabalu about 2 and a half hours and then by speed boat from Menumbok Jetty about 25minute to Labuan. One thing that most people would shop in Labuan is cigarette, liquor and chocolate.
Basically there a many bars and pubs around the island and the drinks are extremely cheap even after happy hour. The night are certainly wild... :P Here are some shots of Labuan island I made.
Labuan View From Water Village Area


Patau patau Water Village Labuan
Patau-patau Water Village

The Chimney

Marine Museum
Marine Museum

Labuan Marine Museum

The Aquarium

Pasar Labuan Area
The Market area

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disney said...

Wow...the marine museum shot looks like on a space starship enterprise or battlestar galactica. Nice shots.

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