Friday, June 6, 2008

Labuan 2 days

I just came back from Labuan Island and brought back quite a few shots, some chocolate a wine and a bottle of Cointreau. My brother live and work there in Labuan and It is very convenient for me where I don't have to bring my car to Labuan for me to drive around there... I can just use my brother's car. Bringing your car to Labuan is very hectic.. the long process of the ferry from Menumbok to Labuan. Here are some of the images I captured there.

World War II Memorial Park Labuan
WW II Memorial, Labuan

Fishing Boat

Beach Palm

Sunset in Labuan

There so many things in Labuan that can be photograph and loads of beautiful landscapes. I will definitely will come back to Labuan. May be spend more time to get some perfect landscapes shots. The sea tide was not what I expected for that 2 days I have in there. so I will try to go back there and wait for the high tide. Cheers!

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maslight said...

wahhhh santik! mmg santik! makes me wanna go there XD

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