Friday, July 18, 2008

5 Hours Heli To Maliau Basin "Lost world"

Me and Capt. Martin

We set off about 0950hour from Kota Kinabalu and we flew about one and a half hour to Maliau. Captain Martin was the pilot and together with me, Mark Bradbury and partner. We flew through the Padas Gorge and overhead Tenom town, Sapulut and Batu Punggul.
Padas Gorge
Padas Gorge

We landed and stop for about 2 hours at Belian Camp before we set off again back to Kota Kinabalu. On the way back we make one full circle at the Maliau Fall.

Finally the Magnificent Maliau Fall from the air.
Magnificent Maliau Fall

Maliau Fall

Maliau Fall II

Got plenty aerial shot of the rainforest and tree canopy.
Forest Canopy

Maliau Basin Forest

On the way back I see a lot of deforestation for oil palm plantations, things that you don't wanna see, Some old logging areas still have some logs not yet taken out from the area. They were cut and left there. What a waste..
Single Tree
a field with not many tree

Oil Palm Plantation
Oil Palm Plantation

Terraces some where old Papar road.

It was been a fantastic trip. I love to do that again some time for more aerial shots. Cheers!!


Kengkaru Kong said...

yEA...I've been to Maliau last April for about a week. Doing scientific expedition with students of UPM. Memang cantik kawasan Malaiu fall, tapi perlu ingat bahawa perjalanan mengambil masa sehari berjalan tanpa henti.

disney said...

Great shot of the Maliau falls and rainforest canopies. Feel sad though about the deforestation. always great photography.

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