Sunday, July 13, 2008

Padas River Rafting

Recently I did the river rafting at Padas Gorge which located in South West of Sabah in Tenom. It was a long journey to get there as there was no train going from Beaufort so we had to drive to Tenom about 3hours from Kota Kinabalu. In Tenom there is a train going just to the starting point of the river rafting. Train ride about 40 minute to get there. That early morning, heavy rain
Going into the tunnel

When we get there, I was going a long the rail line with a small trolley like to get my shots of the river rafting. I went to several rapids site called the "Headhunter" and "Washing Machine" wait for the rafter to arrive and took the shots. Boss was the one who pushed the trolley cruise along the rail line almost 40km/h. really fast.... I just sit there taking my shots..

I like to do the pushing too but I need to get my shots too.

So kasian Boss pushing behind there.

Padas Rafting

Padas Rafting
see how fast it is for a little thing, fantastic ride hahahaha!

Padas Rafting
Shamsul: "Lets rock an roll babe!!"


Padas Rafting


Padas Rafting

Padas Rafting
Paddle high five

Padas Rafting

Here you see how adventure sport photographer do their work.
Padas Rafting
A videographer on the raft

Padas Rafting
The photographer using the kayak going through the rapid

You might be wondering how the camera protected in this kind of situation. well they have a waterproof bag where they put their camera in and put it inside the kayak.
Padas Rafting
Stopped his kayak near the rock then took the shots.

After the two rapids, I join them going through the other few more more rapids. Boss take care my camera after that but he didn't took any action shot me on it but only this ending shot.
Padas Rafting

At the end we got a rail car came to pick us up back to beaufort which end up broken about half way to beaufort station. Only about 1940hours we got back to beaufort. After that Driving back to Kota Kinabalu for about 2 hours. Good fun!!


LxndreaSB said...

hey there.. this is the same white water rafting at padas river rite. i went a few years back, when they still had the train. really cool!
but i bet it was more challenging especially after it rains.
hope to try out the ones here in west malaysia.


horukuru said...

buss nice shot !!!

TT said...

always happy to see the riverbug guys at work..they always take care of the guest and we do enjoy alot of fun time with them. same goes to my customer.. ^^

nice to have a rain before the rafting start as it will make the current stronger.. there nothing more fun then jump into a strong rapid~~ ^^

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