Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nikon D90 its Official!

The World's first D-slr that has a movie mode. That is what D90 was built in with. It is an improved version of the Nikon D80 with 12.3mp. Further more read about this you go to
Chase Jarvis blog(Beta Tester D90)

Listen to the shutter sound of the D90 here.


maslight said...


JerryInc said...

okeh lence, sempena kita kawan lama mau ni untuk christmas present sa kio muahahaha

Jollence Lee said...

Bulih bah after sia menang lotery lah hehehe

JerryInc said...


Mark Louis said...

What do you think lance of this new Nikon model? Is it a worth upgrade from the D80 to D90 or am i better of to just get the D300? The D90 specs look good actually... Tell me what do you think mate?

Jollence Lee said...

I think the new D90 is very good indeed. But for you, you need more faster continuous shots. You may be need to get better one like the D300. The only feature that is very cool of the D90 is the D-movie feature. If you don't need it often then get the D300.

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