Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sabah Blogger Gathering

Nikon Team!!
SBG Nikon team
Joj, Louis, Jonathan, me and Collin

Last night I attended the blogger meeting and meet up some fellow bloggers. I didn't took so much picture last night so only this one picture that good to post. Louis Pang was the star last night as everybody wanted to meet him personally. I only spend about one hour there then took off.. coz I had to be some where else last night. As b'coz so rush I didn't manage to let them know I took off. well even it was short time but I had great time.


maslight said...

OMG colin did the pouting lips thing omg! @_@

LeeHng said...

ada orang hilang diri malam tu!!! XD

sorry yeah tak sit down n bercerita... my bad :(

but hope u had fun & maybe lain kali blh relax relax bah~ ndak paya rush XD

The Making of SBG 2008:

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Eric said...

Try going to </a

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