Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sandakan Memorial Day & STB Staff Sandakan trip

Me and John flew from Kota Kinabalu airport to Sandakan on a small plane "Twin otter" for the Sandakan Death March Memorial Day. The plane that we are on was have to stop by Kudat for about 15minute fetching another passangers then to Sandakan. During the flight from KK to Kudat we manage to capture this picture of Mt. Kinabalu. This is another different shots of Mt. Kinabalu I captured yay!


During the stop over at Kudat, me and John had a little chichat with the pilot and manage to get him to fly over "Tip of Borneo". See post

John and Flight Captain in Kudat

Here are some pictures of the Sandakan Memorial Day below.

Sandakan Memorial Day 2

Sandakan Memorial Day

After the Sandakan Memorial, I went to do a product update for 12 of Sabah Tourism Board staff going around Sandakan. Visiting sepilok Orang utan, Sukau Kinabatangan and Turtle Island. Here are some pictures below.

Selingan Island

STB staff at Selingan
The STB's girls

Josie possing (supermodel of the year) got two boys watching from outside.

STB's Angels
Lastly this image of STB's Angels jump!

More pictures coming. The trip with the crew of Channel 10 Australia.


JerryInc said...

napa sa teda nampak ni gambar2 dlm camera ko tu hari? :P

JerryInc said...

owh and yeah, post morep ictures og the channel 10 crew, kinda miss those people...we had a great time and chat together :)

Jollence Lee said...

Ni gambar sudah masuk HDD bah to save space. Thats why ko teda nampak.
Soon sia post diorang punya gambar hehe.

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