Friday, September 12, 2008

32GB Extreme III Sandisk

Recently announce of the new 32Gb Extreme III memory card. This is very big space for a camera. If you are shooting RAW, there are alot you can put in there. This is also very nice to have with the new introduce D90 which has the D-movie feature. But at its only has the CF card at the moment, I'm not sure about SD card. So D90 owner have to wait a bit.

In my opinion, I much prefer to have several 2GB or 4GB when shooting. You will never know when your memory card going to fail and when its happen to be fail on the 32GB card. You might loose all your works. This is only good for video shooters. And again this is still good. The technology is improving.


John Prudente said...

This is a great improvement on technology. I wonder what is the price?

Jollence Lee said...

the price announce was $299.99 John. Not sure about the price when its arrive here in Malaysia.

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