Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bleach continue


Yes, I'm a fan of Bleach. Can't wait to see the continuous of the battle in Hueco Mundo. Finally Grimmjaw is dead, now is the fight between Ichigo and Nnoitra.

I'll be going for one night to Kinabalu Park again with two guest from UK. Will be doing the trail from Timpohon to km4 then to Mesilau resort. Hopefully the weather is on our side. No recent photos from me so far. Still doing editing on my images taken in Manila, editing process always distracted by other works. Now going for Kinabalu park and the editing got pause again. Today My Great Argus photo was submited to Borneo Nature Tour for use in their Danum Valley birdwatching brochure yay! I'll See you when I see you...

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