Friday, October 17, 2008

What Recent - Oct 2008

Few days after I got back from Philippines, I did a tour to Garama Wetland in Beaufort. These few images are for your viewing pleasure.

After I got back from Manila, we straight away created an itinerary for photographer to Manila. But, we might want to include Baguio. That right.. more on highland Philippines cold temperate climates. I might be going again this early December for Baguio to do my inspections and photo trip. One of my friend will be leading a tour to Medan Indonesia this coming 27th Oct. I would love to do that some time in the future.

I'm part of the team now of organizing tours outsides Malaysia from Sabah. Our goal is try to get everyone a chance to travel in a cheap budget, secure and comfortable accommodation.

Will be organizing a trip to "The Holy Land" Jerusalem next year some where August. Anyone interested can make an inquiry(free to ask).

Garama Tour

Garama Tour

Garama Tour

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