Friday, January 30, 2009

Velvia Vision

velvia vision palete

I had a friend who recommended me to use Velvia Vision to edit my landscape images. I did try it and the result below. Velvia vision has been use by other photographer for quite awhile now and I just started using it. Velvia vision is the closes you can get to Velvia color transparencies color. It is a simulation of velvia film that come as a plug in for photoshop. At the moment it is only compatible with photoshop 7 , CS, CS2, CS3 but not CS4. The plug in price if you want to buy is $24.90 = Rm87.50.

The plug in works for landscape image but I haven't try on others like portrait. If anyone of you have tried it, might be want to share it here.

Vevia vision result


horukuru said...

Adoi so nice la hahaha and the duck is wild ka ?

Jollence Lee said...

haha domestic duck

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